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Don’t let lost car keys spoil your Christmas cheer

Did you know over 25% of people can confess to losing their car keys? A survey by Lloyds TSB Car Insurance said the two most likely places to lose your car keys are: Out shopping – 15% Visiting friends or family – 13% It’s obvious that Christmas is the prime season when it comes toContinue Reading

Why OBD systems can be a double-edged sword

Technology – love it or hate it – affects almost every aspect of our lives, and the cars we drive are no exception. Of course, you might be the proud owner of a classic car which was built in the days before OBD systems, but the average motorist’s vehicle contains a wealth of sophisticated electronicContinue Reading

Car transponder technology – did you know?

We all take technology for granted. When it comes to our electronic transponder car keys, we casually lock and unlock our vehicles without giving it a second thought. But did you know the transponder technology which secures our vehicles today has its origins in WW2? During the war years, radar was used to warn ofContinue Reading

Car key insurance – worth doing or not?

According to Lloyds TSB insurers, one in twenty motorists have their car keys stolen. Add the number of people losing or damaging their car keys to that figure and it’s bound to increase substantially. So is it worth considering car key insurance and if you do, what should you be looking for? Modern car keysContinue Reading

The mystery of the missing car keys

Ever wondered where all those lost car keys go? It’s something I often think about as I’m called out to stranded motorists. So I got out my magnifying glass, put on my deerstalker hat (more car lock than Sherlock) and did some investigating. Of course, most lost car keys aren’t really lost at all. TheyContinue Reading

Spare car keys – where do you keep yours?

Snow and cold and frosty mornings bring many problems to the motorist.  Before you venture onto icy roads, you’ve got to defrost your car.  Scraping ice off your windscreen isn’t a lot of fun in sub-zero temperatures.  And if you leave your car unattended while it warms up, you risk it being stolen. But thisContinue Reading

Replacement car keys – the ideal Christmas gift?

That time of year is fast approaching when everyone wracks their brains trying to come up with the perfect gifts for their nearest and dearest. A new set of car keys might not be exactly what you had in mind, but check out these beauties … How about a Pagani car key? This is aContinue Reading

Is your car really locked – did you check it?

Picture the scene … you get out of your car, close the door behind you and walk off casually clicking your car remote fob behind your back or over your shoulder as you go. That’s got to be the ultimate in motoring cool, right? Er … wrong! You could be putting your car and itsContinue Reading

Those were the days … or were they?

If you’ve broken your car keys or need them reprogrammed, who could blame you for thinking longingly of the days when cars didn’t need immobilisers and other electronic wizardry? As a vehicle locksmith, I’m fascinated by the history of cars. So if you’re lamenting the loss of your car keys or complaining about having yourContinue Reading

BMW – Beemer or Bimmer?

Don’t you just love trivia? Of course, if you need replacement car keys for your BMW, you won’t be much interested in what people call your choice of vehicle. But we thought this gem of pretty useless information from the motor world was worth a share! If you’re an enthusiast, you’ll know BMW’s roots wereContinue Reading

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